Contrapositivistic Solipsism

Philosophically, I self identify as a contrapositivistic solipsist. I don’t know what that means. A contrapositive merely switches the terms without changing the outcome, but the term contranegative does not exist. What I hope the term might imply, in a loose way, is that I am undecided whether the world is a figment of my imagination and I alone am ultimate reality, the universe being the contents of my consciousness. Or is there a Vishnu somewhere lying on his lily-pad in eternal slumber, floating on the cosmic sea, while I am a translucent figure in his mad dream? Here is a sonnet I wrote concerning the matter. Are its clumsy structure and stumbling rhythms intentional comments upon the author’s existential quandary? I don’t even know what that means.

Come, my happily inconceivable God, and abstract
from me this uncertainty (this awkward prism which refracts)

for I have not yet learned what must give way to what.
Which thing is the inference and which the tenet?

And I might not be firm enough for this unshake-
able world — too recalcitrant for words, which break

against it like eggshells — and then again I might.
But come, you one constant thing which is light;

light so imminent that Time, Space and Matter
must yield — delicately though, as reflections bend round a sphere.

Converge upon me you whole world of forms without
(that have no tongue, know no hunger, suffer no doubt)
and flood my gaping soul like moonshine whiskey in a toothless mouth.

The world is rock: I must be unreal.


~ by Peter on April 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Contrapositivistic Solipsism”

  1. Cool, that is a collector’s piece. I was smiling through the intro, which is almost too cleverer, the poem goes up comes down, whiskey, yummy, boggles every time i read it, its awkward structure and hesitant rhythms, you said you would like critical comments but i am smiling too much for that and you are way too good anyway,

  2. In either interpretation we, as humans, get the short end of the stick. For as vast a universe as is imagined, with unbelievable sights and inconceivable beauty, we suffer intolerably by our own hands. We could have at least been imagined as a little nicer to one another.
    As to the poetry, flawless.

  3. Typically I despise rhyming poetry but that’s because most of the crap I come across on the Web is written by imbeciles. This piece however is well written and smartly worded. Again, it’s nice to find people that know what they’re doing. 95-percent of “internet poets” who flood their blogs with stench-ridden tripe haven’t a clue what a “sonnet” is. Most of these kinds of people resign themselves to an A/B rhyming scheme which makes me want to stab my eyes with pencils. Nice job.

  4. Corrective criticism, if it is to have any meaning, implies that the critique be supplied by someone credentialed to do so. Since this would require subjective commentary written in objective voice, it would be hypocritical at its outset. Besides, how would one begin to address a solipsist, since he exists nowhere but in his own mind? Gobbledegook aside, genius is seldom clumsy and never stumbles, you’ve just proven it.

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