Two Devotional Sonnets

In my opinion Christ is like the moon: He has a side of him which is like a beautiful soft light, and a face which watches and smiles upon us; He also has a dark side which we never see. Here are two sonnets I wrote expressing what I mean.


Gentle Jesus! would I be rough to pluck you
you sumptuous fruit of a living tree
hid by the dialectics of an apple
behind an earth that must be beat to bear?

Yet I know I can feel you lurking near
underneath stones and piles of split dry wood;
sibilant like some half-hushed whispered word
unspoken, though intoned before time began.

And if I break from you a piece of flesh,
more than my ration of desert manna? . . .

And if I seem too obscene in wanting
your mouth to drip soft spoken hopes like wine? . . .

Behold! He fashions me like a wild lily,
and I shall know the peace of indolent birds.


Ah Christ! you darkly petaled rose of endless thorns:
no one ever warned me, bellows worker,
of your incredibly consuming flames.
Who knew the soul need be as tempered as steel?

Steel and splinters and rust and sparks and flame:
you give a sip of wine suffused with pain
as if wanting suffering were somehow sane.

I sought your face the way the mystics do
and felt your features broaden in a blink;
I cried into the night sky’s sinking and glinting
you became a sword’s edge, infinitely sharp.

You are right, I doubt. But beyond a doubt I think
whole universes shall pass through a needle’s eye
before I brush against your world’s broad brink.


~ by Peter on March 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Two Devotional Sonnets”

  1. Wow. The mystical sensuality in the suffering, the precision of thought and language, the wonderful sound and rhythms. Superb craft, mindblowing art.

  2. There are many many beautiful lines here… have done what you set out to do very well.

  3. Unique in my experience… well done.

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