Memorable Christmas Conversation

I thought I would record this memorable little exchange from Christmas dinner, 2007.

[My father takes the beef-joint from his plate and starts chewing on it like a heathen]

Mom: “Why must you do that at the table? It’s gross.”

Dad: [with a greasy face] “Mmbthphhm.”

Grandma: [turns to mom] “You remember auntie Muff? She used to do that. She could suck on a bone all day until it was dry and clean of marrow.”

Me: [stifling a laugh] “Wait, let me clarify: your auntie Muff used to suck bones until they were dry?”

Grandma: [earnestly oblivious] “That’s right. Actually I had two auntie Muffs. But the one that sucked on bones lasted longer.”

Brother: [not stifling a laugh] “I believe it, she seems to have had more practice.”

Me: “Okay, enough with the innuendo.”

Brother: “In your end, hoe!”

Mom: [with a scandalized expression] “Wait, what?”


~ by Peter on December 26, 2007.

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