Welcome: Site Organization


Welcome, my name is Peter.

I title this Supernal Onion because it sums up neatly my conception of good art, a combination equals parts absurd and sublime. The onion as a vegetable is such, in my opinion, being both delicious and ridiculous. More so even than the turnip or the carrot.

I despise writing, it is the bane of my existence. I used to think otherwise but now I know better, because one day I finally caught myself, while looking at a tree beginning to bud, simultaneously reciting Frost’s “nature’s first green is gold” and trying to find my own words to describe the scene. I realized I had been regarding the whole world, as well as my own experiences, as nothing more than fodder for my poems and stories — which made me spit. This is an ugly way to live.

And yet, the realization changed nothing. If I am not writing I feel I am not justified. If I am writing, the real world is passing me by. The ideas never cease, they distract me and ruin my sleep. I am always writing and finishing nothing. My room is a graveyard of notebooks — a few pages used, mostly blank — gathering dust and dying anonymous deaths.

So I made this site, my orphanarium, for my fragments and abortions. As the world is replete with people, so is it stuffed with books and writing. I should have the decency to leave my scribbled notecards and notebooks in their shoeboxes in the closet. But there you have it, I am basically indecent.

For all this, however, nothing has given me satisfaction quite like a well crafted sentence. I think I have composed a few. I hope you find them and enjoy them!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Out of respect for people’s attention spans I post my works in pieces. When all of a work has been posted (if there even is all of a work) I gather the pieces and publish the whole under the PAGES section of the sidebar.

This is the site’s front page, therefore the newest post will always be indicated under the RECENT POSTS section of the sidebar, and older posts can be accessed through the ARCHIVES. Please visit the archives, for they are archives and not a mausoleum: the works in them are not yet dead.

Thank you for visiting my site, your comments and opinions are welcome.

You can contact me at: petersonion@gmail.com

18 Responses to “Welcome: Site Organization”

  1. I enjoyed reading the introduction to the world of your almost non-existent writings. The metaphor of a room that is a graveyard of notebooks reminded me of Paul Auster or Kafka and made me want to read on. Your sensibility is reminiscent of someone I know a little too well. Keep on with the creative obsession…who knows what it will manifest in time?

  2. Every fragment of a manuscript deserves another chance at life. Glad you’re so minded.

  3. Peter, I’ve been following your comments at Gingatao’s site and found some of them fascinating, so I thought I’d check out your blog. I’ve just gotten started, but I like your wit and I’m not a little bit impressed by your background. If you don’t mind, I’d like to link you to my site.

  4. I love the description of your room… a graveyard of notebooks — a few pages used, mostly blank — gathering dust and dying anonymous deaths

    …feels like home.

  5. Peter,

    good stuff. I’d say more, but that doesn’t go well.

  6. I am very interested in you site now, your way with words is fantastic.

  7. Just thought i,d have a peek.

  8. pssst…. Enigma… you gots to read Personal Histories of Knives… you’ll LOVE them, ‘specially the last one.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I’m glad you are rescuing your words from shoeboxes and file folders to share with the rest of us.

  10. I would argue that it is not necessarily a mistake to view the world as “that which I could potentially write about,” because that is indeed one of the things it is. The mistake is to let that potential relationship obscure all the other things about it, so that you can’t react to anything except by trying to put in a poem.

    It’s fine to see beauty, and say “I want to put this in a poem.” But you can’t think of beauty as “that which exists to be put into poems.”

  11. Reynard, you are of course right. I only meant for this “welcome” statement to be a bit exaggerated and tongue-in-cheek. There are so many things that distract us from the purity of our experiences — what matters one more?

  12. First time here and I am delighted to be here.

  13. You have an exquisite controlling leash on words, and use them in combinations which cause the reader to read on, even if it is just an introduction to the writings and not the writings themselves!

  14. Heh, Peter. You’ve been missing for a while. Hope everything’s alright and your days are as smooth as your writing and your nights as spectacularly brilliant as your amazing mind.

  15. Been a long time, Peter. I miss you and your writing which is unique, brilliantly crafted and has blown me away from the first time I encountered it. All these years cruising bloggoland and I’ve never met a writer anything like you.

  16. In all my years cruising inter (galactic hyper) net, I have never met anyone smarter or with a more beautiful, balanced and precise prose style than you, Peter. You are truly extraordinary. Happy New Year!!

  17. I am a student, A high school senior in fact and was recommended by a friend to this website to just read and enjoy writing.

    I am so pleasantly shocked by everything this website is and how much of a testament to just good writing. One poster previously posted how they were not so much in awe — as merely happily impressed by the content. But I’m in awe peter, this serves as such fluid inspiration and I adore the writing and the realism of it. Honored.

  18. Inspiration. Yes, I have accidentally come to be under your influence.

    I started rhyming under a good meter. A good enough meter. An interesting and fruitful experiment.

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